The Alliance for the Conservation of Exotic Felines (ACEF) was founded in 1997 as a branch of the national exotic feline organization LIOC Endangered Species Conservation Federation, Inc. Since that time, we have helped find new homes for unwanted exotic felines, helped defeat a bill in the Washington Legislature that would have banned ownership of certain exotics, held a series of community informative lectures, and aided our members from all over Western Washington with health and fitness information about their charges. We are interested in educating and organizing people who currently have or wish to have exotic cats as domestic pets. Through education we feel we can help prevent irresponsible or abusive ownership of these animals as well as help to facilitate responsible ownership and create an environment of support for those who own them. It is our belief that while these cats can make good pets, they are not for everyone, due to the significant commitment they require that many are not prepared for. Our goal is not only to educate our members, but also the public, providing a forum for discussion of the realities of these cats in both the wild and in captivity.

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